At The Core, we offer 32 Office Spaces for Lease for a Variety of Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals. Come to a place where your Lease Space has Privileges!

  • Complimentary, Safe, Lighted Parking for You and Your Clients
  • Access and Discounts on Ready-to-Go Meals, Nutrition Bars and Drinks
  • Create a Payment Plan That Fits Your Cash Flow Needs = Weekly/Monthly
  • Complimentary & Private WIFI Available
  • Short and Long Term Agreements Available
  • One Price Includes Everything = Easy to Manage Your Costs
  • Handicap Parking Spaces & Entire Building Wheelchair Access with Elevator
  • Separate Lounge/Waiting Areas for Your Clients
  • Facility TV's that Showcase a Commercial of Your Services
  • On-Site Health & Wellness Fairs Organized with you in mind
  • Additional Access to Shower and LockerRooms
  • Optional Cleaning Services Available
  • In-House Networking Opportunities
  • Discounted Fitness & Spa Memberships

Same-Day Tours Available

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