WE PROVIDE personal trainerS AND wellness professionalS WITH A top notch facility to provide your services to your clients


The Core Houston is one of the largest independent personal training & wellness facilities in the U.S.

It is our mission to provide the best personal training services to clients as well as provide the best atmosphere and working environment for the personal trainers that train at The Core Houston. Our new 27,000 square foot facility, recently opened in September 2014, is dedicated to those personal trainers looking for a home to train their clientele and Wellness Professionals looking to sublet a room for their services.

The Core Houston's success was built on the (1) caliber of the personal trainers that we attract and affiliate with our club, (2) the corporate model that we have adopted that allows personal trainers to manage their own business, (3) the system, trainer benefits, and facility amenities we have set in place in order to support the independent personal trainers in order to help them grow their business.

If you are an experienced and motivated personal trainer or wellness professional in the Houston, Texas area looking for a top notch gym and facility to provide your services to your clients, you have come to the right place.

Read below about the Amenities and Trainer Benefits of training your clients at The Core Houston. And please take a moment to browse the Personal Trainer and Wellness Professional's Testimonials to hear about their experience working at The Core.

Facilities Facilities

Trainer Core Benefits and Amenities

  • A properly equipped facility designed by Personal Trainers with total functionality in mind
  • State-of-the-art new cardio and strength equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the world
  • First-class amenities such as a Smoothie Bar, Coffee and Free Wifi Cafe, Pro Shop, Grab-N-Go Food Meals, Kids Club Daycare, Professional Wellness Services, etc.
  • Designated Kitchenette and Dining Room for Personal Trainers/Wellness Professionals
  • Personal Locker Room and Lounge for Personal Trainers/Wellness Professionals
  • Closed Door and Designated Consultation Room
  • Automated Client Tracking and Management Services
  • Industry-Specific Independent Personal Trainer Business Consulting Services
  • 30 Office/Wellness Independent Rooms available for Rent
  • Multi-Functional Exercise Equipment and Rooms
  • Room for Large Bootcamp Training and Group Training, including Zumba, Jazzercise, and Yoga
  • Designated Kickboxing Room with Heavy and Speed Bags
  • TRX Multi-Group Training Area
  • Indoor/Outdoor CrossFit Area
  • On-site designated parking for facility members

We are currently interviewing a limited number of Independent Personal Trainers and Wellness Professionals to join our Core business model.

Please email Lee Schuppenhauer or call 713-252-2995 to schedule an interview, appointment only please.